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Science Comics: Rockets


Amanda Morgan


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Science, Rockets, Space, Physics, Chemistry

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Book Review


According to Lewis, it all started when the pigeon’s grandpa was roommates with Archytas. He ate some spicy pythagorean moussaka, and off into the air he shot as the world’s very first rocket. According to Sheep, Duck, and Rooster, that is not what happened. The first rocket was a steam-powered wooden pigeon. No matter how it started, people have made tremendous progress in the world of rockets and these friends are here to tell readers all about it. From Chinese fireworks to landing on the moon, a lot of scientific study has gone into the process of defying gravity. A lot of science was involved too, from Newton’s laws of physics, to Mary Sherman Morgan’s knowledge of chemistry. Thousands if not millions of people’s work has brought us to where we are today in space travel.