Tessa McMillan


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Fiction, Fantasy, Magic

Document Type

Book Review


Gordy’s life has drastically changed. His entire family is on the run from a newly corrupted B.R.E.W. and his grandfather’s henchmen. It’s an incredibly tense time knowing that Mezzarix has the Vessel, the beating heart of the potion world. With that kind of power, Mezzarix could overthrow anything. With no official aid from B.R.E.W., Wanda and Aunt Priss make an unusual alliance with the Swigs, a resistance group of underground potion makers, to help fight against Mezzarix’s growing forces. Wanting to help, Gordy, Adilene, Max, and Sasha try to brew a seeking serum to find Mezzarix. After several failed attempts while being continually attacked by Mezzarix’s followers, the friends finally succeed at locating him. With only a small window of opportunity and no time to tell Wanda, the friends secretly travel to Mezzarix’s hideout. They finally face off with Mezzarix and use the Vessel to trick him into losing his potion-making ability. With Mezzarix and his loyalists overthrown, the friends now look to recreating a more unified government for the potion-making world.