Tessa McMillan


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Dragons, Brothers And Sisters, Missing Children, Magic, Fantasy Fiction

Document Type

Book Review


Unknowingly kidnapped, memory-wiped Seth is taken to Phantom Island, the gateway of the Under Realm where Ronodin uses his advantage to develop Seth’s darker powers. Sneaking inside Blackwell Keep, the pair unleashes the evil undead onto the residents so Kendra and her companions can escape. In the Under Realm, Seth searches for answers to his past from the prisoner Bracken. Bracken desperately explains Seth’s past and Ronodin’s true nature, but their interview is cut short. Meanwhile, with Wyrmroost fallen, Kendra hopes to restore the Sunset Pearl, the Crescent Lagoon’s protective power, as all paths are leading her to find Seth. But even when she uses the powerful protection of the Fairy Queen’s crown, she is unsuccessful at saving Seth, because he is on his own mission to get his memories back.