Haley Singleton


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Comics, Superhero, Guardians of the Galaxy, Graphic Novels, Adventure

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Book Review


Based on the Disney XD animated series, this graphic novel begins a multiple-volume arc story about the roguish heroes, the Guardians of the Galaxy. The portion of the story we receive in this volume is about the Guardians breaking Yondu, Quill’s former mentor, out of a high-security prison. They learn that he was put in there by the nefarious Korath, who serves the evil Thanos, because Yondu had a cube that Thanos wanted. After they free Yondu the Guardians use their skills to track down Korath, break into his ship, and are able to steal back the cube. Along the way Quill learns that he has special DNA when they take the cube to the Collector in Knowhere. The story ends with a cliffhanger of Yondu stealing back the cube and Korath arriving to kill them all.