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Dog Breath


Krista Alletto


Excellent, Preschool, Dog, Halitosis, Breath, Burglars

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Book Review


The Tosis family dog, Hally, is great, but she has one problem—she has terrible smelling breath, also known as halitosis. Whenever she opens her mouth, everyone and everything suffers. The wallpaper peels up the wall, plants die, and friends and neighbors steer clear. Because of this, mom and dad decide to give Hally away. In an effort to keep her, the two Tosis children try several methods to get rid of Hally’s halitosis. Alas, nothing works. Then one night, two sneaky burglars break into the Tosis home. When the bandits see Hally, they are not scared because she is friendly and gentle. They call her over to give her a pat, and she gives them a big, wet, smelly kiss. The Tosis family wakes up to the crooks passed out on their living room floor. After they realize that Hally has saved the day, they decide to keep her after all.