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Karen Abbott


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Magic, Boarding School, Friends, Family, Estranged, Adopted, Identity

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Book Review


Members of Sarah Smith’s family are indentured to the austere Winter household. The Winters have a reputation in the magical community that they staunchly maintain, so when Sarah unexpectedly exhibits magical powers, she is forced to become a ward of the Winter family to protect everyone from shame and imprisonment. With a new identity as Cassandra Reed, she is sent to a prestigious school of magic where an ancient book selects her as "The Translator.” This distinction is both a blessing and a curse for a girl who wants to go unnoticed, but its revelation allows Sarah and her two stalwart friends to uncover the school librarian's plot to take over the world. As the three girls rescue the school and England, Sara finds peace in her new place in society and is finally allowed to see her family again.