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Time Sight


Rebecca Lambert


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Time Travel, Brothers, Scotland, History, Cousins

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Book Review


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet your ancestors from the Middle Ages, the Stone Age, and every time in between? In this terrific time travelling tale, brothers Jamie and Will are sent to stay with their mom's cousin, Elspeth, in their clan's castle in Scotland while their mother is held for ransom in a foreign country. Jamie, Will, and Elspeth's daughter Nan spend a day or two wandering the castle grounds, avoiding boring lessons on Scottish history. Then one day, Will discovers that he has "time sight"- the ability to look into the past and see his ancestors. He excitedly shares this news with Jamie and Nan, but while showing them his new talent, 5-year-old Jamie runs into the past. Will and Nan travel to the clan wars of the Middle Ages, Roman and Pictish times, and the Copper Age to try and bring Jamie, and each other, back home. In the end, the trio ends up safely back in the present, and they receive the wonderful news that their mother is safe.