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This Was Our Pact


Amanda Morgan


Outstanding, Intermediate, Fantasy, Magic, Folklore, Fairy-Tale, Legend, Friendship

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Book Review


Each year on the night of the fall equinox, lanterns are put in the river. Legend has it that the lanterns will find their way into the sky and become stars. Ben and his friend have biked alongside the river following the lanterns many times, but they always turn back. This year they make a pact to see the lanterns turn into stars. But after a while, everyone leaves except Ben and the outcast Nathaniel. Even though Ben didn’t want to invite Nathaniel, the two boys keep biking and are suddenly thrown into an unbelievably magical adventure. They befriend a talking bear and seek favors from a tiny witch. They see giant crows and a cave full of stars. All the while Ben learns from Nathaniel’s kind forgiving nature, until they reach the end of the lanterns’ journey.