Article Title

The 104-Story Treehouse


Erica Sonzogni


Dependable, Primary, Intermediate, Treehouse, Jokes, Books, Friends, Writers, Adventures, Toothache

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Book Review


Andy, Terry, and Jill are authors who live in a 104-story treehouse. Each level of the treehouse is unique. One level has a deep-thinking room, another a meadow, and yet another a refrigerator throwing range. When the trio is asked to write another book for their series, Andy has a serious toothache and does not feel comical enough to write. In order to get their book finished, Andy, Terry and Jill go to immense lengths to stick to their writing deadline. They make money using the money-making machine, sell Andy’s aching tooth to the tooth fairy, and purchase a Joke Writer 2000 in order to make their book perfect. When the book is finished, all three friends are happy with their final product and the adventure they had to go through in order to make it happen.