Phyllis Rosen


Excellent, Toddler, Preschool, Porcupine, Sharing, Toys, Playing

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Book Review


Sam would like to play, but every time he chooses a toy, Porcupine tells Sam "That's mine." Sam tries to share a xylophone, rockets, robots, and a paper airplane, but in the end he is left standing while the porcupine hoards all the toys. Sam then invites Porcupine to paint with him, but the porcupine will not share any activity. Sam's frustration is finally expressed when he announces that he's leaving for the land of Kaboo and calmly climbs into his tepee, entering a fun, fantasy world. Porcupine peeks in and watches Sam running and jumping and skidding, and he soon asks if he can play. Sam says yes and Porcupine grabs his hand, entering Sam's world where they find they can be best friends.