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If You're Out There


Amanda Bishop


Excellent, Young Adult, Mystery, Friendship, Suspense

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Book Review


If You’re Out There tells the story of one girl’s search to find out what has happened to her best friend. Zan is heartbroken when her best friend Priya moves to California and suddenly becomes unreachable. She isn’t responding to any of her texts or calls, and something is definitely odd about her posts on social media, which are riddled with grammatical errors and totally uncharacteristic of Priya. But nobody believes Zan when she suggests that something is definitely weird about Priya’s new life. With the help of her new friend Logan, Zan begins an investigation to find out what really happened to Priya. Despite everyone thinking she needs to move on, Zan knows that there is something odd about her best friend’s move. The more she begins to look into the details, the more clues she begins to uncover. Together with Logan, Zan unravels the mystery to what has happened to her best friend.