Article Title

Night Windows


Hannah Webb


Excellent, Preschool, Primary, Picture Book, City Life, Moving

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Book Review


A boy moves from the country to the city with great reluctance. His parents assure him that he'll learn to make friends and love his new surroundings, but everyone seems so busy and aloof. One night, while on the verge of running away, the boy steps outside for some fresh air. He gazes upon his new apartment building and sees things he had never noticed before. He finds himself entertained and fascinated by the amusing lives on display. As he visits the windows each night, he gets to know more about the quirky lives behind them, and feels a lot less lonely. When he’s joined by a frustrated writer one night, they decide to shake things up and get all the neighbors talking and mixing in ways that they hadn’t before. The boy finds out that when people step out of the box (or in this case, window), exciting things can happen.