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Meet a Baby Kangaroo


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These amazing creatures start out no bigger than a jelly bean. A newborn can make its way up to its mother’s teat to suck in its first drops of fresh milk in a matter of five short minutes. While its eyes remain closed for the first 100 days of its tiny life, the baby joey continues growing inside the protection of its mother’s pouch, where it will remain for a full six months. Then, this precious marsupial will make its way out of the pouch to venture out into the world unknown. It will return to its mother’s pouch for refuge and some nourishment, but will no longer be confined there. Eventually, if it’s a male, it will leave its mother and journey onward to find a new mob to join. Conversely, if the youngster is a female, it will likely remain a part of its mother’s mob for the duration of its lifetime. These fascinating creatures live an average of 22 years.