Jana Carter


Excellent, Preschool, Primary, Easter, Puppy, Family

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Book Review


Marley is at it again! The lovable Labrador can't seem to stay out of trouble, and the trip to the town Easter egg hunt is no exception. When Marley and his girl Cassie arrive at the town square, they find it bustling with Easter cheer and decorations. The hunt is about to begin! When Marley hears that the winner must find the biggest, most special egg, he is determined. He will be the one to win. Sniffing from place to place, his nose directs him to several Easter eggs. Sadly, other children take them before he has the chance. Discouraged, he turns to Cassie, who suggests they find another place to look. The pair barrel through the town, crashing through stores and bakeries, but they can't find the egg. The Easter egg hunt comes to an end. Marley, disappointed, turns back to the gathered crowd. Luck is on his side though, and there's one more place to look. Marley can be a winner after all!