Giselle Davis


Outstanding, Young Adult, Fantasy, Faeries, Young Adult, Royalty

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Book Review


When their parents were killed by Madoc, the general of the Faerie King's armies, human sisters Jude and Taryn are taken to live in the faerie world. Raised among the court, Jude is constantly vigilant of the dangers often perpetuated by Prince Cardan and his group of wicked friends. Tired of living carefully, Jude dreams of being a knight, but when Madoc refuses to train her, she makes a deal with Prince Dain to train as his spy. Working to protect Dain's life, she ultimately cannot save him when he and the rest of the family are murdered at the coronation. But one heir survived in the chaos, and now it’s up to Jude to work with Cardan to secure the power to banish the usurper and place Cardan on the throne.