Article Title

Steering Toward Normal


Amanda Morgan


Excellent, Intermediate, Fiction, Family, 4-H

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Book Review


It seems like eighth grade is going to be another typical year for Diggy. He’s already chosen a calf to compete with in the state fair. His secret crush from 4-H visits often to check on him and his steer. His dad, who he and the whole town calls Pops, continues to prank him and they are already plotting for April Fool’s Day. Then everything changes when Wayne Graf, who Diggy barely knows from school, shows up on their doorstep claiming to be Pops’ son. His mom had recently passed and now he wants to live with them. Despite Diggy’s distaste for the idea, Pops takes Wayne in. Diggy and Wayne are instant rivals. The longer Wayne sticks around, Diggy finds his relationship with Pops crumbling and his chances at winning big with his steer diminishing. But Wayne’s not leaving, so Diggy has to cope. After many fights, pranks, and misunderstandings, the boys slowly begin to sympathize with one another and little by little their broken family starts to feel normal.