Jessica Mellor


Outstanding, Intermediate, Scary, Fox, Friendship, Animals

Document Type

Book Review


Seven little fox kits beg their mother for a scary story, but when they receive none they decide to go to the scariest storyteller in the forest. Rising up from a stack of bones, the teller tells the tale of two fox families that romped through the land long ago. The first fox is Mia, forced to leave her home when disease strikes the ones she loves most. Ully is the runt of a litter with a small shriveled paw, mocked by his other sisters. When Mr. Scratch comes to visit, Ully’s life is threatened to the point where he too must flee his home. Together these two kits meet up and start their adventure together, facing the nightmares their family told them existed outside of home. But courage never fails and together they strive through their obstacles with hope—becoming something much bigger than they ever thought they could be.