Erica Sonzogni


Dependable, Primary, Fairies, Music, Adventure, Fairyland, Drums

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Book Review


Kirsty and Rachel want to help the music fairies find their magical instruments since Jack Frost and the goblins took them. While they were looking for Danni’s magical drum set, Kirsty and Rachel got invited to be in a music video. As they were dancing along, they spied a goblin and knew that Danni’s miniature drum set was close by. After some searching, they spied Danni’s drum set, but the life-size goblins were trying to play them. In order to get her drums back, Danni shrunk the goblin down to the same size as the tiny set. The girls grabbed the mini goblin and told him that they would turn him back to size if he gave the set back. The goblin agreed and Danni was able to bring the drum set back to Fairyland.