Liz Kazandzhy


Excellent, Toddler, Preschool, Toilet Training, Humor, Siblings

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Book Review


When twins Mason and Mia were little, they pooped a lot. There were all sorts of poops: “small poops and big poops, messy poops and tidy poops.” Now that they're older, they're ready for another kind of poop—in the potty. At first, they don't know what the potty is for. Is it for naps? Books? Drumming? They soon figure it out when they feel a poop coming. After sitting down and waiting a little while, they whisper to each other, “Poop or get off the potty.” But there’s no need to get off the potty because they both successfully poop, remember to wipe, and wash their hands. They happily exclaim, “I am a big kid now,” and congratulate each other with a high five.