Danielle Dallas


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, Cosmology, Space, Solar System, Astronomy

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Book Review


Humans have looked heavenward since the beginning of time. They recognized beauty and sought understanding, and this book inspires us to do the same. Turn the pages and travel through the cosmos to learn about how we observe space using radiation, modern observatories, and space telescopes. Study our solar system to review common characteristics about our planets and add some interesting facts to your repertoire (such as “if you could stand on Mercury’s surface, the nearby sun would appear three times larger in the sky than it looks to us on Earth”). Discover exoplanets, nebulae, constellations, the life cycle of stars, and how the universe may end. Get up to date with the centuries of observation and scientific inquiry that have yielded enough information to write out our “cosmic address” and describe distances using astronomical units, both of which (and more) are explained along this visual and textual cosmic journey.