Article Title

No Room for Dessert


Gabrielle Borg


Dependable, Primary, Intermediate, Family, Jealousy, Fitting In, Being Forgotten, Love, Friendship

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Book Review


Dessert Schneider feels forgotten. She is the oldest child of four and her parents never seem to pay her any attention. Whether it's breakfast, school pick-ups, or even trips to the grocery store the family never seems to notice that Dessert is missing. And when Mushy, the little one-year-old, calls Dessert "Dirt", Mummy and Daddy clap and tell her it's "close enough" to her name. When an invention competition is introduced at school, Dessert knows this is her chance to make her parents remember her. She will do anything to win, including take someone else's project. Dessert works hard, but no one seems to care. The voting day for the best invention finally comes, but it passes all too quickly, leaving Dessert feeling sad and guilty. A few days later, after Mummy and Daddy forgot her, she runs into her house and up to her room, feeling completely unloved. But a few hugs and "I love you’s” makes all the difference. Dessert and Mummy share a special evening, just the two of them, and Dessert knows she is remembered.