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Cheshire Crossing


Brittany Maloy


Dependable, Young Adult, Graphic Novel, Fantasy, Fairy Tale

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Book Review


When Dorothy from Oz, Alice from Wonderland, and Wendy from Neverland meet, the possibilities for adventure, world jumping, and villains to battle multiply. The story finds the girls years after their original fanciful adventures, and they are no longer the sweet, naïve characters of the past. With spunk, wit, and lots of attitude, they begin visiting each others worlds. The Wicked Witch of the West joins forces with Captain Hook to reclaim her castle from the Knave of Hearts and the Cheshire Cat. The girls have run-ins with a munchkin, flying monkeys, mermaids, the mad hatter, and of course, Peter Pan. The girls battle the bad guys, using their ingenuity and individual powers, and even get a little help from their nanny.