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Bear Out There


Karen Abbott


Dependable, Preschool, Primary, Friendship, Physical Activity, Kite, Forest, Helping

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Book Review


Tiny Spider and big Bear have very different ideas of how to spend the day. Spider has made a kite and can't wait to go out and fly it. Bear would prefer a cup of tea in his favorite chair. They each set out to enjoy their time, but Spider's kite flies away and he needs Bear's help to find out. They set out into the forest on the hunt for the missing kite. Bear grumbles through the forest wishing that he were at home. Things get worse when a storm moves in and douses them both in water. Bear wants to give up, but Spider looks so sad. They set out again and eventually find the kite. They return home to repair Spider's kite and build a new one for Bear. They move Bear's chair outside and fly their kites from a comfortable, seated position.