Article Title

These Is My Words


Emma Patton


Dependable, Young Adult, Western, Historical, Romance, Grief, Diary

Document Type

Book Review


All Sarah Prine wants is to have a place to call home. But life as a new settler in the Arizona territories is filled with conflicts. Though Sarah loves to write in her journal and dreams of getting an education, her life is mainly limited to survival and figuring out how to find joy. That is, until Jack Elliott enters her life. From the very beginning of their relationship, Jack drives her crazy, but he also seems to bring out a fierce love within her that she had forgotten was there. Though Sarah is ever her own person and on her own journey, with the love and support of Jack, she finds ways to pursue her passions and never stop growing. As tragedies strike and life becomes difficult, Sarah realizes the importance of the relationships she has to sustain her through the longest days and the harshest realities. Truly, home is wherever Sarah is surrounded by people who encourage her and help her to learn as she grows into a woman, wife, and mother.