Amanda Morgan


Excellent, Intermediate, Middle School, Basketball, Anxiety, Family, Friendship

Document Type

Book Review


Addison is generally an anxious and shy person, but his best friend Devin is quite the opposite. He always knows what to say and seems to constantly seek attention. Recently, Devin’s dad had a heart attack. Devin is sure that if he became internet famous, he’d make enough money to pay for the medical bills his family now struggles with. Addison is hesitant to support Devin’s crazy ideas, but he wants to help his friend’s family too, so the pair begin forging plans to make their mark on the world. When an attempt to make a viral video goes horribly wrong, though, their friendship is tested. Addison learns that he’s not the only one with fears, and that even though he’s also not the boldest or the most confident, he could still be the person to save his best friend.