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Bear Came Along


Karen Abbott


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Adventure, Unexpected, Friends, Fun, Adventure, Picture Book, River, Bear

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Book Review


Bear is exploring a river that flows through the forest when a log breaks, and he begins floating toward a new adventure. He is joined on the log by a lonely frog, They are joined by a beaver, some raccoons, and a duck. Everyone seems to be having a wonderful time until a waterfall appears ahead. Some consternation appears on each animal's face at the possible danger looming ahead. They plunge over the falls together, holding on to one another as best they can. They dive with smiles into the still water, splashing and diving and having fun. The river has brought them all together to enjoy a little time. The final words, "the river came along" leave the reader wondering what other adventures might lie ahead for the animals, together or individually.