Jennifer Haltli


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Drugs, Addiction, Treatment, Family

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Book Review


“don't do drugs.” Each teen has heard it numerous times. But when teens chose to use, what are they really choosing? The authors propose that few teens have even considered this question. However, the Sheffs answer it in a fair way through information, statistics, and personal anecdotes. The book breaks down drugs into categories and gives readers particulars about highs, likely short and long-term effects, addiction, recovery, and relapse. The Sheffs also examine abstainers and experimenters, casual users and addicts, and drug abusers and their wounded families through drug-related issues both from the standpoint of a parent and an addict child. The last sections of the book also offer sources for additional reading, phone numbers, and reference charts to spark a more detailed study and encourage action on the part of drug users and their families.