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Go Ahead and Dream


Jana Carter


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Dreams, Football, Encouragement

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Book Review


Alex Smith, the star University of Utah quarterback and San Francisco 49ers' first-round draft pick, was not always an amazing athlete. As a young child, he was consistently picked last for recess games, and was benched for the most important baseball game of the season. He had a dream though. Alex wanted nothing more than to be a professional quarterback. Despite the discouraging words of a teacher, he held on. Alex told his grandfather that he and his friend Bobby had high hopes for the future. Grandfather encouraged them, and helped them to understand that they should never give up, and never let their dreams go. Under his direction, they focused and encouraged each other to try to accomplish their dreams. When Grandfather died, Alex almost let his dreams go. But Bobby, ever a faithful friend, was there to remind Alex to push forward. Against the odds, both boys succeeded in obtaining their goals.