Amanda Morgan


Excellent, Intermediate, Middle School, Baseball, Sports, Friends

Document Type

Book Review


Gabby is the star pitcher on her middle school’s baseball team. In fact, Gabby’s basically the star of the whole school and she knows it. Everyone loves her! But life throws her a curve ball when her middle school suddenly has to close and everyone is transferred to different schools. Gabby does the best she can to show everyone at her new school the star that she is, but her classmates don't catch on. Kids don't flock around her, no one seems interested in being her friend, and worst of all, the baseball team hasn’t begged her to join them. Gabby has to start all over in finding her place and building her legacy. Through a lot of mistakes and loses she’s sure should have been wins, Gabby learns that, although it’s great to love what you love (baseball for instance) and it’s important to have confidence, her priorities might just be in the wrong place.