Article Title

Dance Like a Leaf


Grandmother, Seasons, Love, Loss, Primary, Excellent

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Book Review


Amidst the beautiful autumn leaves, a girl and her grandmother sip tea together and send greetings to the trees. They sing sweet melodies and twirl aimlessly, dancing like the leaves. As months pass by, Grandma starts forgetting things. Grandma is fading as if parts of her are simply disappearing in the wind, so the girl watches over her, mentioning the beauty that surrounds them and ensuring they do the things they love. Soon, Grandma no longer gets up, watching from her bed as the girl paints a picture of the two of them playing in the gentle breeze. As winter rolls around, Grandma’s bed lies empty. But when autumn arrives again, the girl welcomes the chance to celebrate what was always Grandma’s favorite time of year with hot tea, her scarf, and dances in the wind.