Friendship, Change, Adaptation, Primary, Outstanding

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Book Review


Adin and Dina are the best of friends, and they love to climb the lush fruit trees surrounding them. They pick cherries, savoring their sweet taste and using their juices to draw on each others faces. Then Adin tells Dina his mom wants a job in the city, and before he heads to his new home, she hands him a bag of cherry pits. On lonely days, Adin throws some off his balcony, hoping they’ll travel far. When reunited for a visit, he places more of them inside paper airplanes and flies them through the sky. When Dina rides her bicycle towards Adin’s on a cold, wintry day, she stops and pushes pits into the frozen ground. As the sunshiny days of spring arrive, Adin and Dina look across the landscape and see they’ve created a magical path of cherry blossoms outlining the way to each other.