Article Title

A Galaxy of Sea Stars


Maryn Wheeler


Middle School, Refugee, Family Problems, Coming-of-Age, Intermediate, Excellent

Document Type

Book Review


For Izzy Mancini, the beginning of 6th grade is not going as planned. Her lifelong friends, the Sea Stars, are drifting apart, her parents separated over the summer, and she has moved. To top it off, a new girl, Sitara, moved in next door. She’s an immigrant from Afghanistan, and she eats different food and wears a hijab. As Izzy struggles to accept this new friendship, she finds comfort and direction in the nearby harbor and from her role model, Marie Tharp, a scientist who made groundbreaking oceanic discoveries. Eventually, Izzy learns to navigate the changes in her life and make her own deep discoveries, opening her heart to see that there is a galaxy of Sea Stars to befriend.