Article Title

The Silver Blonde


Karen Abbott


Film Noir, Post-WWII America, Romance, Mystery, Movie Making, Young Adult, Outstanding

Document Type

Book Review


Trying to make your mark in Hollywood is murder—just ask Clara Berg, who discovers the body of a young woman in the studio vaults. The victim is Connie Miller, an unknown stand-in with big screen dreams. Clara is sympathetic to the dead girl, who is near her own age, and she resents how easily it seems that this girl will be forgotten in the shadow of a major movie star, Babe Bannon. As Clara digs into the murder, she discovers clues that link her beloved studio to the Nazi regime. The war is barely over, and such information could bring down the man she is falling for, bring down the head of the studio, and cost Clara her job. Even with so much at stake, Clara persists to reveal the truth that will shape her life, love, and career.