Article Title

The Beatryce Prophecy


Maryn Wheeler


Medieval, Prophecy, Storytelling, Fantasy, Love, Friendship, Intermediate, Outstanding

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Book Review


In a war-torn kingdom, a lost girl is found by the monks of the Chronicles of Sorrowing. Now Beatryce remembers only her name and is befriended by Answelica, the unruly goat. But, Brother Edik knows the king is looking for the lost girl because of a prophecy made many years earlier that a young girl would unseat him. Brother Edik hides her among the monks, but as she obtains the forbidden ability to read and write, memories eventually come to Beatryce. Realizing her identity, she sets out to face her future—and it is up to Beatryce and her friends to find the true long-lost king and reunite Beatryce with her mother.