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How Trains Work


Jennifer Haltli


Train, Vehicle, Industrial, Transport, Station, Primary, Intermediate, Outstanding

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Book Review


It all began with two wooden rails and a horse-drawn mine cart—these would ignite a technology that utterly transformed mankind. On, above, and below the ground, trains connect to tracks in various ways and are powered by wood, diesel, and electricity. The purposes of trains are highly varied. Some take passengers between cities or across continents. One train in England even carries passengers only 128 feet from a clifftop to the beach. When trains are combined with other mediums of travel, like ferry boats, bridges, and undersea tunnels, train limits disappear. Also, the ever-changing train station is the stuff of architects’ dreams, where famed domed roofs combine with shopping malls and restaurants, music venues and theatres, apartment buildings and hotels. Train prospects remain bright, even as other travel technologies advance.