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Rachel Wadham


Fairy Tales, Curses, Beasts, Fantasy, Young Adult, Excellent

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Book Review


Refusing to marry the man her mother has chosen because she thought the fortune-hunting scammer she loved would return, Merit receives a fairy godling’s curse for her disobedience. Now time is running out, and Merit is forced to marry whom her mother deems worthy, because surely, no one would love a beast. Turning to con artist Tevin Dumont, who is forced to pay his mother’s debt after she tried to steal a rare flower, Merit is sure that he can help her not to be deceived by a man again. Tevin, along with his brother and cousin, put on a grand con to weed out poor suitors and to charm the ones that remain. However, neither Tevin or Merit realize they are risking their own hearts, and when one suitor is more duplicitous than they realize, it takes true love to ride to the rescue and break the curse.