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Pi in the Sky


Aubrey Parry


Science Fiction, Universe, Fantasy, Intermediate, Outstanding

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Book Review


When The Powers That Be decide to wipe Earth out of existence after one of the humans sees The Realms through a wormhole, their actions have a domino effect on Joss, seventh son of the Supreme Overlord of the Universe. His best friend disappears, and Joss gets stuck making sure the very girl who first saw The Realms doesn't find out more. When the Supreme Overlord’s second-in-command, Gluck, tells Joss he’s the only one who can recreate Earth, he is sure he is the least qualified to do the job. But when Gluck insists, Joss decides he'll try, since there is a chance it would get his friend back. Through trial and error, he learns what is needed to recreate Earth and learns the power of his own abilities.