Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Folklore, Mexico, Women, Goddesses, Indigenous People

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Book Review


The young Mayan children, Rosha and Tup, love to play games while their parents work in the corn fields. As they get older, Rosha grows tired of always playing the games her brother makes up. Instead, she decides to begin playing games on her own. Tup, filled with anger towards his sister, comes up with an idea. He will catch the sun and Rosha will help him do it. While Rosha is sleeping, Tup comes up with a plan of how he will catch the sun. He cuts off Rosha’s long, black hair and manages to use it to catch the sun. Devastated, Rosha searches for help setting the sun free. This is just one of eight delightful and enticing tales from a variety of ancient and more recent Mexican cultures.