Article Title

Famous in a Small Town


Katelyn Osborn


Outstanding, Young Adult, High School, Fame, Friendship, First Love, Grief

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Book Review


When Sophie’s much-beloved Acadia High School marching band is chosen to march in the Rose Parade, she is ecstatic, but overwhelmed. It’s her job to find the funding in her small town to send the band all the way to the Rose Parade, and the town has already given so much. But Sophie’s not too worried. Between her and her four best friends, she’s sure they’ll come up with an idea. Finally, she does. they're going to get country music superstar Morgan Pleasant, the one famous person from their tiny town, to come do a benefit concert! There’s just one snag – Morgan has very publicly sworn never to return to Acadia. Sophie is certain that she, her four best friends, and her new (maybe) best friend August will find a way to get her back to do the concert and raise the money they need.