Emma Patton


Excellent, Young Adult, Non-Fiction, Racism, Violence, History, Politics

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Book Review


Hate is more commonplace than anyone might think. Throughout history, groups have banded together against select minorities to damage property, speak cruelly, and take lives. This book truly exposes the hate that is becoming increasingly rampant in the world. It discusses the origins of hate in extremism, comments on the history of hate groups in the United States, and talks about the formation of hate groups and their aims, as well as the crimes they commit. This book also takes a modern approach in its exploration of the very real harm of online hate, which is especially dangerous for its emboldening anonymity. Beyond providing information, the book presents resolutions to hatred in America by challenging readers to question hateful rhetoric. Ultimately, author Michael Miller empowers the readers to first understand and then combat prejudices, all the way from everyday microaggressions to full-scale hate crimes. This book is equal parts informational and argumentative, and it teaches about some of the darkest part of society without, in any way, advocating the behavior.