Article Title

Eden Summer


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Friendship, Love, Loss, Recovery

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Book Review


Two seemingly mismatched friends - one short with frizzy hair, pale skin, tattoos and piercings marking her thin frame, the other tall, blonde, and naturally beautiful - are journeying through their volatile teenage years together. Eden is there for Jess after she’s brutally attacked by a gang of six on her way home one unforgettable night. After a painful stint at the hospital and many long weeks of recovery at home, Jess tries desperately to find her way back to normalcy. As her best friend, Eden is there to comfort her, to offer her hope when little seems to be in sight. Just months later, Eden’s sister, Iona, dies unexpectedly in a car accident. Eden blames herself for this tragic twist of fate, and her existence in the world changes dramatically. She no longer seems herself, and despite Jess’s and others’ attempts to rescue her from her own horror, Eden makes a decision that leaves everyone in fear for her life. Though it appears the damage may be irreversible, Jess is there to help her pick up the tiny pieces of what’s left of her life.