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Amanda Morgan


Excellent, Young Adult, Adventure, Friends, Outdoors, LGBTQ+

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Book Review


Ash and Vale have to go on an overnight hike with their PE classmates in order to pass the class. Ash hates the outdoors and he’s never been hiking. Vale hates the bullying she receives from her classmates. Naturally, neither of them are excited about the hike to begin with, but it turns out to be worse than they expected. On the first day, Ash and Vale get separated from the rest of the group. Their absence isn’t noticed until nightfall, and the town begins a frantic search for them. By that time the two friends are further from the path than they thought. Desperate to stay alive in the cold, bear-populated mountains and reach civilization, Ash and Vale use more strength and bravery than they knew they had. Through the twists and turns of their gripping adventure, the pair learns not only how to survive in the woods, but what it means to be a true friend.