Rebecca Lambert


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Nonfiction, Roadkill, Animals, Science, Biology

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Book Review


Have you ever wondered what happens to those animals that meet an unfortunate end on the highway? Heather Montgomery, a writer and biologist from Alabama, answers every question you never knew you had about roadkill. Did you know that Tasmanian Devils are endangered, in part because of a contagious cancer? Scientists learned that from roadkill. Did you know that an invasive species of python has brought parasites to the native snakes of Florida? Scientists learned that from roadkill, too. This book explains how flattened animals are used for all sorts of bizarre purposes. Scientists study roadkill to learn more about individual species, some study patterns in roadkill locations. Some taxidermists turn carcasses into works of art, and many animals are used as food, either for humans or for zoo animals. This book is a fascinating look at the many ways human beings use roadkill.