Article Title

One True Way


Amanda Morgan


Excellent, Intermediate, LGBTQ+, Friends, Family, Identity, Historical Fiction

Document Type

Book Review


After moving to a new school for seventh grade, Allison meets Sam, and they become best friends. Before that, Allie’s life had been falling apart. Her brother passed away and her Dad left, and now her Mom is overly protective of her. Sam makes all of that better. Allie’s nothing but happy when she thinks of her, and when they touch, her heart beats fast. She would call it a crush, but living in a small town in the mid-1970s, most people Allie knows would tell her it’s wrong for her to like girls. Especially Sam’s parents. With the help of good friends and a wise minister, Allie and Sam begin the process of understanding who they are. Through complicated circumstances, and with critical people all around, they have to decide how they’ll respond to the controversial feelings inside them.