Rebecca Lambert


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, Fantasy, Magic, Mystery, Action And Adventure

Document Type

Book Review


Morrigan Crow is cursed to die on her eleventh birthday. Normally, on one's eleventh birthday, patrons can present their bids to have a specific child as an apprentice or as a student. The day arrives, and two mysterious men present their bids for Morrigan: Mr. Jones to claim her as an apprentice for Ezra Squall, and Jupiter North to claim her as a candidate for the Wundrous Society. Jupiter comes to her home and offers to save her from her untimely death. Morrigan chooses Jupiter, and she gets whisked away to the free realm of Nevermoor. While there, she undergoes a series of trials to join the Wundrous Society. She also has to deal with the consequences of entering Nevermoor illegally, and she and Jupiter have to constantly avoid the law. In the end, she discoveres that Mr. Jones is actually Ezra Squall, the evil Wundersmith, in disguise. He created her curse, and he tells Morrigan that she, too, is a wundersmith. She manages to escape the Wundersmith, and she officially joins the Wundrous Society.