Article Title

Kiss Number 8


Emma Patton


Excellent, Young Adult, Graphic Novel, Family, Sexuality, Friendship, Secrets

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Book Review


Kisses number 1 through 7 were predictable, but kiss number 8 changed everything. Amanda, also called Mads, has a secret. Her best friend Cat wants her to date Adam. He’s a little younger but starting to get attractive, and he has a big thing for Mads. The trouble is, Mads is starting to realize that the person she really wants to kiss is Cat. How could that be possible, though? She couldn’t be gay--she’s only kissed boys. There’s also something mysterious happening in her family. It turns out that the person she has always thought of as her grandma is not actually her grandma. Her real grandma did something unforgivable years ago, causing Mads’ dad to completely cut her out of his life. But Mads receives inheritance money from a mysterious source, and suddenly she needs to know the truth about her family history. It turns out that this grandmother she never knew may not be a villain. Even though they’ve never met, they have things in common that no one else could understand.