Emma Patton


Significant Shortcomings, Intermediate, Young Adult, Wizards, Family, Friendship, Time Travel, Magic

Document Type

Book Review


Except for the fact that his father is Harry Potter, Albus Potter is an ordinary wizard. As the child of the man who saved the wizarding world, it’s easy to feel like a disappointment. But Albus really becomes the black sheep when he is sorted into the Slytherin house at Hogwarts, instead of Gryffindor, where all of his family has been sorted for years. Albus has a tense relationship with his father and a rough time at school. So when Albus sees an opportunity to do something that could defy his father, break the rules, and possibly save the day, he takes it. Albus and his close friend Scorpius Malfoy use a forbidden Time Turner device to go back to the Tri-Wizard Tournament. If they could change some of the events of the tournament, they may prevent the death of a student. But the boys soon learn that manipulating time is a complex business, and everything is connected. They can't change even one little thing without potentially changing the whole world as they know it.