Jessica Bess


Dependable, Intermediate, Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Family, Mystery, Adventure, Humor

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Book Review


When Moose’s father lands a job in Alcatraz, his family is forced to move to the home of the most infamous criminals. Moose finds himself in trouble when he gets involved in selling Alcatraz’s laundry service with Piper, the warden’s daughter. The warden is furious when he finds out about their shenanigans and almost fires Moose’s father because of it. To add to his problems, Moose is asked to watch his sister Natalie, who has autism, after school. As Natalie ages, the family worries that she may never get into a school specializing in helping children with autism. Moose thinks he knows a certain criminal on Alcatraz that could help him get the the job done, though.