Maryn Wheeler


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, New York, Central Park, Nonfiction, Calvert Vaux, Frederick Law Olmstead

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New York City’s Central Park was just a dream in 1858. The city was growing quickly and the people needed a green place to be. Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmstead teamed up to share their vision in a park design contest. Their 10 foot long drawing submission won, and they set right to work. The park opened in sections, starting with ice skating on the lake in the winter of 1858. Much more came to life over the next 14 years, including The Ramble and a children’s district. Calvert worked on the thirty-four unique arches and bridges, while Frederick designed the landscape with artful plant shades and sizes. Central Park was the first large public park in America when it was finished in 1872, and stands as the city’s jewel today.