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You Are Enough


Emma Patton


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Self-help, Therapy, Teens

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Book Review


In modern society, so much value is placed on appearance. Especially during the transitional times of adolescence, with normal body changes occurring and the pressure to perform, fitness and diet culture create a slippery slope to obsessive habits. In You Are Enough, the author speaks to any individual who is struggling with their relationship with food and exercise. Jen Petro-Roy uses her past experience suffering and then recovering from an eating disorder to normalize this issue and also encourage her readers to get help, regardless of the severity or exact nature of their struggles. From this book, readers can learn about the basics of eating disorders and the types of treatment and support that are available. Readers can also use the exercises and activities at the end of each chapter to learn skills to cope with the stressors of life and challenge negative beliefs. Though no book is an absolute replacement for professional help, this book is an introduction to the process of recovering from an eating disorder.